Does Your Dog Beg for Scraps? 5 Ways to Stop Begging

Does this sound familiar?

You cook a delightful meal, and just as your family gathers around the table, your dog starts acting up. She starts whining in a high-pitched voice and widens her eyes. At first, you think her begging is cute, but the behavior quickly becomes unpleasant.

You can’t eat at a table or snack during a movie without your dog hounding you for food. Every time you cook, your furry companion storms into the kitchen and follows your every movement.

Let’s face it, your dog is not starving, so she has no reasons to beg for food.

But when you look in those wide, pleading eyes you can’t help yourself and toss a small nibble from your plate. You tell yourself it’s “just a taste”, but what you’re really doing is reinforcing the begging behavior.

Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks that can convince your dog to stop begging every time you eat.


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