14 Hilarious Panorama Dog Pic Fails – Try Not To Laugh

Panorama dog

Do you need a laugh today? Scroll through these hilariously unfortunate panoramic photos. Here’s what we know about panorama photos: you shouldn’t move when you’re in one. These pups didn’t get the memo. These hilarious snaps were caught in a Twitter thread from Jocelyn.

Ready, set…laugh!

1. The Beach Comb(er)

Panorama Dog 1
​Source: Jocelyn Twitter​

2. Someone is skipping leg day at the gym.

Panorama Dog 2
​Source: Jocelyn Twitter​

3. Shaped like the ball she’s chasing!

Panorama Dog 3
​Source: Jocelyn Twitter​

4. There’s something wrong with the mirror, Carl.

​Source: Linny Twitter​

5. And Fluffy wins by a neck!

Panorama Dog 6
​Source: Nini Twitter​

6. Shark attack at the park

Panorama Dog 7
​Source: The Web of Evil Twitter​

7. Looks like Burt Reynold’s toupee moved on!

Panorama Dog 8
​Source: vgn Boi Twitter​

8. Now, that’s a balancing act!

Panorama Dog 9
​Source: vgn boi Twitter​

9. Stripes appear to be in this year

Panorama Dog 10
​Source: Mr Farty Twitter​

10. Is this dog using a turn signal?

Panorama Dog 11
​Source: Devin SummerTwitter​

11. So this is what you get when you cross a dog and a chicken

Panorama Dog 12
​Source: Ellen Twitter​

12. Taking a leap of faith. Just once.

Panorama Dog 13
​Source: Real Dog Twitter​

13. That’s one husky chicken!

Panorama Dog 14
​Source: Real Dog Twitter​

14. The macramé dog is the next hottest trend

Panorama Dog 15
​Source: Amanda Whitby Twitter​


H/T The Poke
Featured Image: Jocelyn Twitter

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