Smiling Dog: Jester

He’s cool. He’s cute. He’s confident.

He’s Jester.

The fun-loving shepherd mix has taken up temporary residence at his local animal shelter, where he makes sure there’s never a dull moment in the play yard, and is ready to charm his way into his forever home.

With his movie-dog smile and nineties-boyband-vibes-oozing personality, Jester owns the yard. When he leaves his kennel to walk to the patch of green that is his stage, he is greeted with howls and cheers that set the mood for the afternoon’s entertainment. Once in the play pen, Jester likes to show off his stunning coat in all its glory, jump around with youngster-like energy and splash water all over himself to cool off while enjoying the attention of smitten four-leggers barking him on from the other side of the fence.


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