FUN GAME to teach STAY

This video is for puppies and adult dogs who are learning a basic stay behavior. In this game you can start teaching the dog to stay reliably with the distraction of walking around the dog in a circle. Unless you have already worked on this exercise, most dogs will get up if you walk around them because they will try to keep you in their field of vision. So instead of just walking around the dog and seeing what happens, I suggest to break the steps up small enough so that the dog is successful and not feeling confused by the training. Breaking the steps up small also prevents the dog from rehearsing the error of getting up before you give the release cue.

If the dog were to get up during this game, I suggest to not to say “no” or “eh eh”, but instead to quickly lure the dog back into the position, dont give a treat immediately, but then make the step easier for the dog so he can succeed and then mark and reinforce him for that.