Shocking Discovery: More than 130 Dogs Rescued From Unthinkable Neglect

Dogs rescued from home in Orange

California animal control workers uncovered a stunning case of cruelty. More than 130 malnourished dogs were living in horrible unhealthy conditions at an Orange County, California home. Thankfully, they moved quickly to remedy the grizzly scene.

Small dogs rescued from home
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A Horrifying Discovery

An anonymous caller tipped off the authorities. Something wasn’t right inside the large home within the gated community. So, animal control arrived quickly. They wore hazmat suits while they removed dogs from a home in Orange, California. Authorities red-tagged [deemed it unlivable] the residence after 136 of the animals were found living in filthy conditions.

The scene was surreal.

Sgt. Phil McMullin, of the Orange Police Department told NBC Los Angeles, “I was shocked to learn that people were living inside the house, based on the conditions that I saw and could smell just from the front door opening.”

Unfortunately, what he found inside met his dismal expectations. McMullen said, “There was very little furniture inside of that residence, and there was dog excrement, urine all over, inside, on the floor.”

How awful.

Dogs In Need Of Hope

Multiple media outlets reported that the recovered dogs were mostly small breeds like Shih Tzus and Maltese Poodles. This indicates the home was most likely used for dog breeding. Animal control workers brought the dogs to Orange County Animal Care where they are being treated for neglect.

Because of the awful conditions, the police took action. The two residents of the home received misdemeanor citations for animal cruelty. However, the case is ongoing and it may result in additional charges.

One California woman recounted her experience with these breeders. Lisa Paul told NBC Los Angeles she purchased a dog from a woman living at the condemned home.

“My stomach turned because I knew that’s what it was [when I heard the news],” said Paul.

Unfortunately, Paul’s puppy soon became ill after she brought her home. The pup died at 4 years old. Paul blamed herself for her dog’s passing, but now she looks at the situation differently. “I always thought it was me, that I did something wrong. It was so traumatic for the whole family. It wasn’t me…it was her,” she said.

Thankfully, these dogs moved to a safe environment where they will be better cared for. Watch the story of their rescue below.

H/T The Orange County Register
Featured Image: NBCLA YouTube

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