Smiling Dog: Lucky

Available for Adoption at Weatherford Parker Co. Animal Shelter in Texas (

He fetches balls. He sits when asked. He shakes hands. Labrador mix Lucky is a polite gentledog with good manners—as one would expect of a canine his age. He is estimated to be seven years old and is mature, patient and well-behaved, but he also loves going for walks, playing fetch and running around the yard like a youngster. If that’s not the best of both worlds, what is?

Lucky is a live-in-the-moment, carefree kind of four-legger, and so he is always happy to have visitors who keep him company during his stay at the animal shelter. He knows he is a little down on his luck right now, but—in true Labrador fashion—he likes to look on the bright side: He has his own kennel with his own bed to sleep on, he has food and water and he has people looking after him.


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