What surface do professional trainers choose for dog and puppy training?

What surface do professional trainers choose for dog and puppy training?

In this video you will find out what surfaces professional dog trainers and performers use to train their dogs and perform with them.

Tip: If you perform with your dog, say for example you enter a dog trick contest at a fair, it’s a good idea to bring a non-slip mat with you to perform your tricks that involve fast movement or jumping. Not only does this provide your dog with a non-slip surface but it will also provide a distraction free environment if your dog has to perform where other people have dropped treats for example.

Training and performing on a slippery floor is just not worth the risk to your dog. Not only that, it is not fun for the audience to watch a dog slip while performing. So if there is no choice but to perform on a slippery surface, either turn down the opportunity or get creative and show off tricks where your dog doesn’t have to move, for example, nodding his head, singing, playing cards etc…

Here is a video on puppy safety and preventing injury in puppies and adolescent dogs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaNFY7jO6h4

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