Puppy Manners – with other dogs getting treats

Puppy Manners - with other dogs getting treats

How to train your puppy manners when other dogs are receiving treats. This tutorial shows you how to teach your puppy not to move into other dog’s space when the other dog is receiving a treat. This is a really important exercise to work on so that your other dogs do not feel stressed by another dog competing for their treat when training or getting a snack. Also teaching dogs to not go near another dog’s face when that dog is eating or about to be given a treat is a great safety default behavior, to prevent your dog going into the face of a dog who might possibly guard what he has or is about to be given. By teaching the dogs to respect each others space, it helps reduce the stress in the dogs every day lives making them less likely to have a conflict with each other.

If you have a dog who is unpredictable, guards food, or you just have never worked with food, you should get a positive reinforcement trainer to help you with this exercise, as well as play it safe and have the dogs in a leash and harness out of reach from each other.

Here is a link to the video on how to teach your dog to take treats nicely and to understand the treat delivery of when you put a treat between his paws: https://dogmantics.com/what-to-do-if-your-dog-takes-treats-hard/

This video is on what to do if your dog is over excited about food:

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