Doob’s 3D Dogs Are Standout Mini-Mes

Images courtesy of Doob
Images courtesy of Doob

In a “honey, I shrunk the kids” kind of way, an increasingly sophisticated technology—3D printing—is making it possible to create a whole new type of memorabilia: full-color, accurate down-to-the-smallest-detail miniatures of people, dogs and people with dogs. The process was developed by Doob, a full-service 3D tech company, and here’s a quick take on how it works: The subject steps into a Dooblicator scanner with its 56 mounted cameras. Once an image is approved, it’s processed in their production center in Brooklyn. Two weeks later, the finished replica (which can be ordered at four to 14 inches) arrives in the mail. Doob currently has retail outlets in nine different cities, from New York to San Francisco. To schedule a session or learn more, go to

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