How to train a dog DROP IT

How to train a dog DROP IT

How to teach your dog to drop what he has on a verbal cue.

Does your dog not know to let go of a toy when you ask him to? Would you like to be able to tell your dog to drop your socks? This tutorial goes over how to condition the cue drop it. I suggest to work on teaching the cue drop it in training sessions for 2 weeks before expecting your dog to listen to you to drop something outside of a training session. I learned this method of training Drop It from Kate Palese.

I have two other tutorials on how to teach your dog to drop things. One is a longer more in depth tutorial than this one. And the other shows how you can teach a dog to drop things like food or trash.

How to train a dog to drop it using a chew stick:

Here is a longer version of the tutorial on how to teach drop it:

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