The Attention Game!

The Attention Game!

This training game – The Attention Game – teaches your puppy to WANT to move with you when you move. It also is a great game to play to motivate your puppy to want to work for treats if you have a puppy that is disinterested in treats and training. This training game is a great game to play with any puppy or dog to build your relationship. This is one of the first training games that I play with all my puppies to give them a head start on training.

The footage is from Halo’s first walk with me. I first let him sniff around and explore the environment, and then we stopped and played this game for 20 seconds… then I encouraged him to go and explore the environment again, telling him “go sniff” and pointing to the ground and then followed him around keeping the leash loose. I suggest playing this game only 1 or 2 times on an outing for only a very short period of time so that the puppy doesn’t loose interest.

If you have a puppy that is over-excited by food or your movement you can use lower value treats and also move in a more subdued way as not to over-excite your puppy. You can also choose moments when your puppy is calmer.

All puppies are different so it will depend on the puppies personality as to what to train first. But the Attention Game is usually the best game to start your training with any puppy. Here is a video that explains what to train first depending on your puppies personality:

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