Hilarious Pug Comics Illustrate What It’s Like Living with A Dog

Q&A with artist Gemma Gené about her pug Mochi
Images via 157ofgemma (instagram.com/157ofgemma/)

Tell us about your art background, and how you started creating your cartoons of Mochi, 157 of Gemma. Doesn’t Spain have a vibrant tradition of alternative or underground comics? It’s nice to see a woman cartoonist in this traditionally male dominated medium …

I’ve always like comics and cartoons growing up. I loved Garfield, Mafalda, the Simpsons, amongst others. Spain does have a big tradition of comics, we not only read Spanish comic artists but also French and Argentinian, amongst others. Growing up I drew all the time and I used comics as a journal. Drawing was always very easy and natural to me, so I never considered it a career. I ended up going from major to major until I landed in architecture. I stopped drawing for many years. It wasn’t until I was working on my final thesis project that I took up drawing comics again.

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