Running a Multi-dog Household – NEW video on demand!

Running a Multi-dog Household - NEW video on demand!

Is your multi-dog household OUT OF CONTROL?

This video is for those with dogs who are:

• Intimidating each other
• Bulling
• Afraid of each other
• Acting antisocial

World-renowned dog trainer Emily Larlham shows how to:

• teach dogs to feel safe together
• trust and respect each other
• look to owners for guidance, rather than take matters into their own paws

Emily will explain how you can provide guidance without the use of INTIMIDATION by:
• teaching and reinforcing new appropriate behaviors
• interrupting undesirable behaviors
• using management and prevention

To bring PEACE to a multi-dog household!

Click the link below to purchase the $29.99 video on demand that also comes with a digital download that you can download from the viewing page.

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