STOP Barking at Noises

STOP Barking at Noises

This video addresses the issue of barking at noises while in a house or apartment when the owner is home as well as absent. Dogs bark for many reasons. We can assume that dogs are barking at noises they hear outside the house because they are either startled, aroused or worried about the noise. There could also be the aspect of communicating to the other dogs and family members that they have heard a noise, which no doubt we selected dogs to do for thousands of years.
Barking can cause problems for us humans, like getting an angry note from the landlord. It can also cause problems for your dog. Worrying or being excited about what is outside while inside can mean that your dog will not be getting as much sleep and this can even cause chronic stress. Reacting to noises while at home is usually one of the root causes of other behavioral problems that show little or no improvement no matter how much time is spent with a behavior modification plan. For example, if you train your dog 100% of the time while on a walk around your neighborhood not to react to people or dogs, but then while you are at work an he reacts to the sounds of the people and dogs outside, it will prevent your training from progressing.
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How to stop my dog from barking at every sound he hears?