FIRST TRAINING GAME for grooming and nail trimming

FIRST TRAINING GAME for grooming and nail trimming

How to introduce your new puppy or adult dog to grooming equipment. Often times dogs can be startled by the sight and sound of grooming equipment at first. So instead of jumping right to the step of using the tools, you can condition your dog to find the sight and sound of the tools a positive experience. I use a game I call the “grooming recall game”. The end result is that when you get the grooming equipment out the dog wants to move toward you and the equipment.

The KEY to this training game is your MOVEMENT. If you think your puppy or adult dog won’t move to you when you move away from him. I suggest first playing this game in multiple training sessions until you have a dog who you can’t get away from. This is the first game I would play with nearly every new puppy or new adult dog.

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How to train a dog to accept grooming and nail trimming. Puppy Training is fun!