12 Tricks of Christmas – Day 12: Paws Up

12 Tricks of Christmas - Day 12: Paws Up

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Extra helpful videos by either myself (Pamela Johnson) or Kikopup (Emily Larlham), that will help you train your dog to do tricks.

Clicker Training Basics: https://youtu.be/omZt5Eu8nfE

Paw Targeting:

Shaping Paws up on a platform: https://youtu.be/2ceugqDb4t0

Spin: Fade the lure https://youtu.be/wXr0VYN-OQc

Back up at a distance: https://youtu.be/zLVCkzaBDqM
Distance Tips: https://youtu.be/Kr-lVzck0oY
Back up – Chair Method https://youtu.be/tapajhjsCxY

Cop Cop: https://youtu.be/eHWuFb9Lb4Q

Bow: https://youtu.be/pT7-CHam2HU

Leg Weave:

101 ways to Leg Weave: https://youtu.be/rGn5aK_BPhI

Heel Work Foundations: https://youtu.be/6Nz1a_lYbxs

Back Chaining a routine: https://youtu.be/GkpkRb70HGk
I sell a Back Chaining DVD on my website that will teach you many behaviors you can train using back chaining… Agility, Tricks, and Everyday behaviors…
pamsdogtraining.com and go to my products page.

Combining Tricks: https://youtu.be/XRJsbIZNC44

Connecting, Mirror Image, and Contrasting: https://youtu.be/EkB9VLd4VA0
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