Cancer Warrior Asking For Help Finding Missing Dog

A man in Atlanta is desperately asking for the public’s help. His dog, J.R., has been missing since December 18th. J.R. is a Labrador/Chihuahua mix who has an incredibly special role in Kyran Anderson’s life. The two live in Atlanta but they’re asking for help from anyone with information.

An Unexpected Bond Is Still Bringing Hope

J.R. is an adorable, little, black dog with a white tuft of fur on his chest. Take one look at him and it’s easy to see how he won over his dad’s heart. Kyran and J.R.’s friendship started when Kyran’s friend asked him to watch the lovable pup while he moved. 

“I was just only supposed to be keeping him for his transition, but instead I actually ended up keeping him. We’d gotten so attached and he just gave him up to me,” Kyran told

It’s the same bond that keeps fueling Kyran’s hope for J.R.’s safe return.

Photo: Kyran Anderson

Kyran was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2017 and he credits J.R. with his will to survive. Two became even more inseparable through the ups and downs of Kyran’s treatment.

“He’s been there the whole time, the hospital stays – I’ve had him where he could come to the hospital to visit,” Anderson said. “He comforted me through the whole thing,” said Kyran.

J.R. Seized An Opportunity But Now He Needs Our Help

J.R. ran out the front door when Kyran’s roommate was trying to take him for a walk. When the roommate tried to stop his own dog from escaping, J.R. saw the open door and made a run for it. Kyran says J.R. left with his leash still attached to his collar. J.R. is microchipped and has a rabies tag in addition to the leash and collar he was last seen with. He escaped from the Adamsville area of Atlanta. 

Photo: Kyran Anderson

J.R.’s dad is so worried about him. Atlanta’s temperatures can dip into freezing this time of year so it’s imperative that J.R. is found. He’s offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who can bring J.R. home.

“Please if they see him, give me a call, it will be greatly appreciated,” Kyran said. “I’ve been making myself sick worrying about him, I don’t know if he’s safe – I don’t know.”

J.R. is a unique mixed breed with a distinct white patch on his chest. He is 4-years-old and weighs approximately 20 pounds. Kyran can be contacted via Facebook if you have any information leading to J.R.’s safe return.

Photo: Kyran Anderson

Featured Photo: Kyran Anderson

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