Pet Food Blessing Box Built To End Animal Hunger

While many of our furry friends get fed plenty of healthy dog food and tasty treats, that’s not the case for all animals. Every day, there are dogs that are starving. Sadly, there’s also many people that can’t afford enough food for their four-legged family members. So, Travis Combs of Kentucky decided that something had to be done about this situation. He wanted to make sure that all the hungry animals in his area were fed.

Combs decided to build a blessing box specifically for pet products. It’s a bright red doghouse-like structure with an adorable bone-shaped sign that says “Pet Food Blessing Box”. 

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This blessing box has plenty of storage space for food, treats, and other necessary supplies. It can be found outside of TiKi’s Treasures, an antique store in Jackson, Kentucky. It’s easily accessible to anyone that needs supplies or wants to donate.

“Kentucky’s one of the worst in the nation for animal abuse, starvation, abandonment that sort of thing,” said Combs. “So, a bunch of our friends got together and we saw a need and a way that we could help out.” 

How Does This Blessing Box Work?

The box is always unlocked, so dog parents can use it whenever they need. People can place donations into the box such as food, treats, and even other products such as pee pads or toys. While the blessing box is designed like a doghouse, people can also drop off donations for cats and even other animals if they’d like.

If a dog parent is in desperate need of supplies, the blessing box is always available for them. They can take what they need, and if possible, they can leave what they can later on. Even small donations could help a family during a difficult time.

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“Anybody’s free to come and take what they need, and then just leave what they can,” said Combs.

This idea first came to Combs because of his passion for rescuing dogs. He has multiple rescue dogs in his home, so he knows how important keeping those dogs happy and healthy is. So, he wanted to make sure that all dog parents were able to provide for their furry family members as well.

Combs encourages others to create more pet food blessing boxes to help end animal hunger around the world. If you’re interested in putting one of these blessing boxes in your area, you can contact Combs through the Kentucky Craftworks Facebook page. If you live in Kentucky, be sure to check out Combs’ blessing box and donate items if you can!

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