Puppy Lost After Accident On Icy Road Is Lured Home With Food

Corey and Brianna Oachs had recently welcomed a 7-month-old Lab puppy into their family and they couldn’t be happier. The cute little pup is named Guinness, or Ginny for short. She loves snuggling and playing with her family members, but all that came to an end when the family was faced with a horrible accident. Brianna’s car slid off the road during an icy winter day, causing Ginny to run off in the process.

Brianna had been driving her two young children to daycare with Ginny along for the ride. The Minnesota roads were icier than usual, and Brianna lost control of her car. It slid off the road, rolling into a ditch. Everyone was safe, but Brianna soon realized that Ginny was nowhere to be seen. The poor puppy had run off in fear.

Image: Brianna Oachs Facebook

Helping Guinness Get Home

Ginny’s information was shared all over the news and her family even made plenty of posters to help spread the word about their lost puppy. Sure enough, everyone soon became familiar with Ginny’s story, so they all kept a lookout for the lost pup.

Luckily, Buster Nash, Joe Janzen, and Jamie Johannsen happened to be driving around in their company truck when they spotted a Lab puppy sniffing near the quarry. Right away, they all recognized Ginny from the news stories. They knew they had to bring her to safety.

Image: Brianna Oachs Facebook

Ginny didn’t seem eager to approach these strangers, so the men knew they had to find a way to lure her over. Nash pulled out his lunch, which was trout and fettuccine shells. Right away, the puppy smelled the food and slowly made her way over to the men.

Nash allowed her to eat his lunch while they called the number on the lost dog posters. It was likely the first good meal Ginny had since she’d been lost.

The men texted a photo of Ginny to Brianna. Right away, Brianna knew that they had found her dog.

Ginny’s Reunion

Ginny was reunited with her family almost exactly a week after she’d gone missing. Brianna has no idea where the pup was all that time, but she’s relieved that she’s home now.

“I honestly thought she’d been attacked by a coyote,” Brianna said. “Best-case scenario, I thought, was she was hiding out somewhere. Worst case, she wasn’t coming back.”

Image: Brianna Oachs Facebook

Right away, the family brought their puppy to the vet. She had a few cuts that were likely from the accident and she was skinnier than usual, but nothing major was wrong beyond that. The vet gave them some antibiotics for the cuts.

If it weren’t for the support of the community, Ginny might not have made it home so quickly. But many other dog lovers had happily shared Ginny’s story, so word had spread quickly.

“I can’t believe that many people were looking for her, praying for her,” Brianna said. “Six-thousand people shared Corey’s post, a couple hundred more shared mine. Honestly, I thought maybe we’d get 50 shares. But 6,000 people shared it and were praying for her to come home.”

Now, Ginny is safe and sound at home once again. She’s currently making up for all the snuggles she missed over the past week. Brianna and Corey will never forget the kindness of all the people that helped bring Ginny home to them.

Image: Brianna Oachs Facebook

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Featured Image: Brianna Oachs Facebook

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