Hockey Team Welcomes Rescue Puppy

The Milwaukee Admirals recently added another member to their team, but surprisingly, it’s not another hockey player. Instead, they have decided to welcome a rescue puppy from a local shelter into their family. Earlier in the year, they announced that they wanted to adopt a dog for their team, but they hadn’t given many details. Now, that dream is becoming a reality because a puppy named Bender has now been adopted!

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Choosing a Four-Legged Teammate

When the hockey team decided to adopt a furry team member, they took their time choosing the perfect one. Four of the players visited the Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS), in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

During their visit, the players got to meet a litter of puppies that were new to the shelter. The puppies’ mom arrived pregnant at the shelter, and she was provided with a comfortable place to give birth. Now, all her puppies are happy and healthy!

The team spent time with each individual puppy. These pups were only a few weeks old at the time, and they were all equally adorable. However, the players’ hearts melted when they met Bender. They knew he was the perfect pup for them!

Image: Screenshot, @mkeadmirals/Facebook

“We have a great relationship with HAWS, we have for many, many years,” said Admirals President Jon Greenberg. “We’ve had quite a few players with dogs, and around the hockey world there have been a few teams at the NHL level who have had a hockey dog. So, we wanted to be able to develop that relationship.” 

When the team first revealed their new member, they asked fans to help them come up with the perfect name. They looked through all the submitted suggestions, and they collectively decided that Bender was the perfect name for their new rescue puppy.

Image: Screenshot, @mkeadmirals/Facebook

Bender’s Family

Both the Admirals and HAWS hope that this heartwarming event will benefit more than just Bender and the team. They want to show the world how important it is to adopt dogs. By adopting Bender instead of buying a puppy, they saved a dog’s life.

“The more people we can reach, the more things we can share, the greater our reach is to help further the cause of no more homeless pets and awareness for animal welfare issues,” said Jennifer Smieja, communications and marketing coordinator at HAWS.

Image: @HAWSofWaukesha/Facebook

Even though Bender found a forever home, his siblings and mom are still waiting at the shelter along with many other animals in need. If you would like to adopt one of Bender’s family members, please contact HAWS! The players for the Milwaukee Admirals want to remind every to adopt instead of shop!

Featured Image: @mkeadmirals/Facebook

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