Home-Cooked Meals for Dogs: Bison and Vegetables

Home-Cooked Meals for Dogs: Bison and Vegetables

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Cool, Neutral, and Hot Proteins and Foods:

Food Charts

Recommended websites:
https://peterdobias.com – I love using the GreenMin, Soul Food, and feel good Omegas with my dogs.

Feeding instructions:
When feeding anything new, you should slowly add the new food to your dog’s normal food. This will help get your dog used to the new food without causing an upset stomach.

Week 1: Start with 50% of your dog’s normal dog food and add 50% of the new home-cooked food.

Week 2: Use 25% of your dog’s normal food and add 75% of the new home-cooked food.
Week 3: Use 100% home-cooked food

Feed 1/8 – 1/4 cup of home-cooked food two times a day for dogs UNDER 10 pounds.
Feed 1/2 – 1 cup of home-cooked food two times a day for dogs up to 50 pounds.
Feed 1 – 1.5 cups of home-cooked food two times a day for dogs over 50 pounds.

This is just an estimate and should be adjusted if your dog is overweight, underweight, or very active…

You can mix 50% high-quality kibble (Honest Kitchen, Venture, Instinct, Canidae, etc) with 50% home-cooked to make your home-cooked meal last longer.

Make sure to add calcium and a multivitamin when giving your dog home-cooked meals. I love the website balanceit.com because you can build your own recipe for your dog and then they will tell you what product you will need to ensure the home-cooked meal is a completely balanced meal for your dog.

I will make multiple crockpot meals on the weekends and then freeze. I take one container out of the freezer the night before and place it in my refrigerator to have it thawed and ready for dinner the next evening. I only feed my dog’s home-cooked meals once a day, but I give Ziwipeak air-dried and Venture mixed with cheese for training in the morning when I do canine fitness and tricks/walks/agility in the mornings.

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