How To Build a Strong Connection During Walks! (No more pulling!)

How To Build a Strong Connection During Walks! (No more pulling!)

Training any dog to walk on a loose leash is no simple feat! It takes patience, practice, and most of all – a positive approach. If you are new to this this dog training skill, you’ll want to start with the exercises I taught in the various video in my "Mastering Loose Leash Walking" playlist.

This video is about using sniff breaks during the walk to build your dog’s interest and focus. Dogs need to sniff – after all it’s part of being a dog! Sniffing is also a calming and soothing activity for the dog. However, if we allow a naturally curious dog to make all the decisions about when and where to sniff, the dog can inadvertently learn that pulling is the answer. If you live in a busy neighborhood and cannot allow your dog sniff at will, teaching them to communicate with you about sniffing as an activity can be especially useful.

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