Policeman Spots His Selfie Session With K9 Online & Shares The Pics

As cute as police dogs are, they’re working dogs. They have an important job to do, and sadly, you’re not supposed to pet them or play with them. However, they’re still dogs. They love their families and they can still have fun. Officer Andre Cloyd helped prove this when he decided to take pictures with his loyal dog partner, Zigi. A woman caught him and his dog taking selfies at the airport, and the photos became viral in no time.

Image: Gina Anzaldua Stevenson Facebook

Not only were the two taking selfies together, but after every picture, Cloyd stopped to show the photos to Zigi. He didn’t want to save any photos that his dog didn’t approve of. It truly was a bonding moment between a police officer and his loyal K9.

Caught in the Act

While Cloyd was taking photos with his dog, a woman named Gina Anzaldua Stevenson couldn’t stop watching them. She was in awe with how much the pair seemed to love each other.

Image: Gina Anzaldua Stevenson Facebook

Stevenson took photos of Cloyd taking selfies and shared them in a Facebook group called Dogspotting Society

“I just watched the cop at the airport take a series of selfies with his dog and then stop to show him each one,” posted Stevenson. “I stand corrected, that sweet boy was his partner, not just a dog.”

Her post gained nearly 60,000 likes and about 47,000 shares. All the dog lovers in the group were moved by the amazing bond between the officer and his K9. Everyone responded so positively to these heartwarming photos.

Image: Gina Anzaldua Stevenson Facebook

Cloyd’s Response

Being the dog lover that he is, Cloyd came across the photos on Facebook not long after. He was amused that so many people were touched by the selfies, so he decided to make a post of his own. He ended up sharing the selfies he took in the same Facebook group.

Image: Andre Cloyd Facebook

“Here are the selfies Zigi and I took that you all have asked for!” posted Cloyd.

With the message, Cloyd attached 3 selfies of him with Zigi. The adorable pup appears to be posing for them too! Everyone in the group became even more excited when they saw these touching images.

Image: Andre Cloyd Facebook

Many people assume that police officers and police dogs are just tough professionals that always have to work, but they are so much more than that. Cloyd and Zigi are more than just work partners because they love each other very much. Every dog deserves love and respect, especially dogs that have an important job to do! Zigi is a lucky pup because even though he has to work hard, Cloyd still gives him the love he deserves.

Image: Andre Cloyd Facebook

H/T: boredpanda.com
Featured Image: Gina Anzaldua Stevenson Facebook and Andre Cloyd Facebook

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