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Duck Chases Dog | The Pet Collective

Who is chasing who? For the spoiling, nurturing and whole-heartedly pet-obsessed, The Pet Collective is a playground that cultivates community, promotes joyful moments, and fuels your pet lifestyle. From entertainment, to pet-ucation, to the newest […]

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Meet Mickey

Mickey is a good natured and amusing dog. He’s looking for a home and promises to be loyal to his family and has a lot of love to give! Tags:  smiling dogs

Dog Health Care

Neal’s Pet Paintings Review

One of my favorite gifts to receive is a custom product with my dogs’ name or picture on it. Just like my human children, I love showing off my fur babies to friends and family […]

Dog Training

The first 10 Things I Teach My Puppies.

The first things to teach a brand new puppy, and how to stop puppy biting once and for all quick. Get your own German Shepherd @ Hi!! Welcome back to my channel. Thanks for subscribing: […]

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Meet Peso

Peso is a funny little guy who will howl to get attention. He spends his time grooming his stuffies, lounging in the sun and hanging out with his folks. He is the best dog anyone could […]

Dog Care Tips

Voyagers K9 Apparel Dog Coat Review

Dogs have a built-in fur coat to keep them warm in the winter months. Unfortunately, some breeds still need an extra layer when it’s especially cold or rainy. Jackets aren’t just made to make your […]

Dog Diet Plan

Inception Dog Food Review

Selecting the right dog food for your pet is something that you should not take lightly. You need to have a conversation with your veterinarian about the nutritional needs of your dog’s breed and how […]