Baely’s Dog Grooming Supplies Giveaway

Baely's Dog Grooming Supplies Giveaway

The damage that chemicals, toxins and artificial ingredients are doing to our beloved pets has been brought to light in recent years. Baely’s Dog Grooming Supplies are made with all-natural ingredients, and you’re getting a chance to win some for FREE! For the details on how to enter, go to:

This is your chance to win a prize package containing 5 safe and healthy grooming products. The package contains paw balm, nose and callus shield, ear cleaning solution and grooming spray. One lucky person will win it all for FREE!

"Ingredients in the Paw Shield and Rescue Stick include a proprietary blend of 100% beeswax, a proprietary blend of natural vegetable butters (including shea butter and kokum butter) and naturally derived essential oils (less than 1% of total ingredients). The Nose and Callus Hydrating Balm includes the same ingredients without the essential oils."