The BEST way to train STAY with TOY DISTRACTIONS

The BEST way to train STAY with TOY DISTRACTIONS

How to teach your puppy or adult dog to STAY with the distraction of TOYS! Starring my puppy Halo the Border Collie. This puppy has not worked on this exercise before filming this video. The reason the puppy looks “already trained” is because the training is broken up into small easily achievable steps so the dog makes few to no errors during the training process. By setting the training plan up so the dog can succeed at every step leaves little to no room for confusion or frustration. If your dog gets confused more than 3 times in a row, it means that the training criteria is too high and you need to lower criteria for the dog to be successful. I believe by breaking the steps up smaller to begin with, you actually save time in training and can advance to more complex behaviors and higher levels of criteria faster because you have build a strong solid foundation on the basic aspects of the behavior with a high level of reinforcement for the correct behaviors with little to no variation.

Here are the Prerequisites:

1 You have already worked on the cue to lay down and release cue and your puppy or adult dog can stay in the position for 20-30 seconds with no distractions.

2 For the down stay teaching the settle as well as calmness around food can also speed up the training process.

3 Teaching an attention noise or your puppy’s name

4 If you are going to move away from your dog with the dog, you first need to proof your own movement away from your dog with no toy before adding the difficulty of the toy. With my own puppy I practiced moving away as well as proofing the stay with FOOD distractions, see these videos:

Sit stay:
A more in depth stay video:

If you are just getting into training the down position and struggling to get your dog to lay down, here is a video on trouble shooting teaching the cue to lay down:

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Happy Training! – Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

About the author: Emily Larlham runs the dog training business Dogmantics Dog Training in San Diego, California. She is known around the world for her popular Youtube Channel ‘Kikopup’ where she has posted over 350 free in-depth dog training tutorials. She believes that by putting out free training tutorials that don’t involve any forms of physical or psychological intimidation, it will not only effect how people treat animals but also how people treat other human beings. Emily created the term ‘Progressive Reinforcement Training’ and a training manifesto to describe this way of training in detail. Emily began her training career as an animal care-giver in a shelter about 15 years ago where she met her dog training mentor Kyle Rayon. After meeting Kyle, Emily quit her job and became an apprentice. After many years of study, learning from both human and thousands of canine mentors, she began her own business. She combines her artistic background and training skills to invent creative, fast and reliable ways to solve problem behaviors as well as train complex behaviors and tricks. She has been invited to conduct seminars on her techniques for training dogs without intimidation in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. She has also spoken at conferences such as the PPG Summit, Clicker Expo, Clicker Expo Europe, APDT Australia and the Art and Science of Animal Training Conference.