Support Chihuahua Serves As Muse And Model For Artist Mom

Tita the Chihuahua has quite the resume. She’s a registered emotional support dog, a fine art model, a queen, and an airplane pilot, among other things. Well, technically she was painted into some of those positions. Tita’s human is an artist who paints gorgeous portraits of her in various roles.

For over 25 years, Becki Flack has suffered from anxiety and depression. Her registered emotional support dog, Tita helps her mom significantly. She entered Flack’s life at the age of 2-years-old – a little over 5 years ago. Flack told Metro how much Tita means to her.

“When I wake up I may only have a few minutes before anxiety kicks in or it could be straight away and I dread the day. Having Tita has helped me so much as I know I have to get up and walk her as she needs to go to the toilet.”


Tita helps Flack go about her daily life, and she’s also quite the love bug.

“When I’ve been depressed in the past I’ve wondered what is the point of my life. My head will tell me I’m a failure, I’ve wasted my life, achieved nothing, and it will never be any different. Now I have Tita to care for. She needs me to feed her, walk her, make sure she gets her worm and flea treatments and vaccinations. I am responsible for her and I have to plan my life around her.”

In addition to her emotional support duties, Tita has done wonders for her mom’s creativity.

Tita The Model

Flack paints Tita into all sorts of glamorous and adventurous settings. The pup poses in various outfits, and Flack works off of photographs of her.

“She doesn’t mind wearing the clothes and lifts her left paw up first and puts it through an armhole and then she puts the right paw in. She has always done this.”


Luckily, Tita is so well-behaved and adorable she makes the perfect model.


With constant love and inspiration flowing through her thanks to Tita, Flack finally has the confidence to share her paintings with the world.

“I used to find it hard to promote myself and my art as I have chronic low self esteem but I find I can promote Tita and the paintings of her which gives me more confidence.”


This year, Flack debuted Tita paintings at The Wimbledon Art Fair and even made an Etsy store.


The world is certainly glad to see these gorgeous paintings too! Tita’s personal Instagram has almost 4,000 followers now.


Follow Tita and Flack to see more of these works of Chihuahua art!

H/T: Metro
Featured Image: @beckiflackfineartist/Facebook

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