You Helped Get This Car-Loving Dog Off The Streets

When you purchase items from the iHeartDogs store, part of that profit is donated to GreaterGood. GreaterGood is an incredible organization that supports charities, many of which help dogs in need. Thanks to kind customers like you, lots of dogs get a second chance at life because of these donations. Ryker is just one of the many dogs that was rescued and given a better life thanks to GreaterGood.

Ryker the Rat Terrier was first found wandering the streets of Fayetteville, Arkansas. He was wearing a Puppy Bowl shirt, he was covered in ticks, and he was extremely skinny. So, he was taken to a shelter, but no one came to claim him. He waited for a while, until his time began to run out.

Luckily, Rat Terrier ResQ was able to save Ryker. Right away, they discovered that he adored car rides. Inside the car, he would always try to sleep on the dashboard. Because of this, the rescue suspected that he might have been a trucker’s dog before. It’s possible that he got lost during a truck ride, but if that’s the case, it’s shocking that no one came looking for him.

At first, Ryker had no interest in eating dog food. So, the rescue switched him to a new brand to help him gain some weight. After a while, Ryker finally began to look like a healthy pup. He became an ideal weight and soon his coat was shiny and soft like satin.

Ryker’s New Home!

At the rescue, it didn’t take long for Ryker to find his perfect family. A couple named Kevin and Dana adopted him, and now he’s staying with them in their “mini-mansion”. They also have a cabin by a lake that Ryker loves. Ryker still enjoys car rides more than anything, so his dad bought him a booster seat so he could act as a co-pilot. Thanks to the support of Rat Terrier ResQ and GreaterGood, Ryker is now living his best life.

GreaterGood helps cover funds for Rat Terrier ResQ’s food. The adoptable dogs stay at volunteer foster homes and the rescue covers all the medical costs, so the donations allow them to not have to worry about the cost of dog food. With the donations, they’re able to ensure that every dog in their care gets a high-quality diet.

Thanks to purchases from the iHeartDogs store, many dogs like Ryker get a second chance at life. iHeartDogs sells a wide variety of items for both you and your furry friend. Even small purchases can make a huge difference for a dog in need. So, thank you to all the kind heroes that have bought products to save dogs like Ryker!

 Images from Rat Terrier ResQ

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