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How Much To Tip Dog Trainers?

Since this is such an important job, should you offer your trainer a gratuity? If so, you need to know how much to tip dog trainers. Read the full guide here: Professional trainers charge […]

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Is Your Dog Anxious?

Is Your Dog Anxious? – Figuring out your dogs emotions can sometimes be really difficult, and this is especially true when trying to figure out if they are anxious or not? Dogs don’t display the […]

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Does Your Dog Have a Mold Allergy?

One of the most common skin diseases that develop in dogs is atopic dermatitis. Most of these cases are caused by allergies to substances in the environment. Dog owners are aware of the possibility that […]

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We Need To Talk…

We have some huge news to share with you today, some good news and some bad news, but as always we share it all with you all… Fenrir Cane Corso Show – Fenrir Bullmastiff […]

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An energetic, active working dog, the American Bulldog exudes a dominant, powerful and athletic appearance, with strong muscles and substantial boning. He is recognized for his strength, courage and working abilities, whether guarding property or […]

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A Game of Will

A senior dog is still full of surprises “I’m not going to bet against her,” our kind vet says, despite having uttered just moments before, “I don’t like it.” She’s viewing an ultrasound of our […]

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How To Make Your Dog A Service Dog

There is more to it than you may think, but learning how to make your dog a service dog is a possibility. Most people purchase service dogs that are already trained, but some owners prefer to train […]