You Helped Rescue 12 Dogs From A Hoarding Situation

Dog Hoarding SituationDog Hoarding Situation

When you purchase items from the iHeartDogs store, a portion of that profit is donated to GreaterGood. GreaterGood is an incredible organization that supports lots of dogs in need. Thanks to loyal customers like you, many dogs get a second chance at life all because of these donations. These twelve pups are just some of the many dogs that GreaterGood has saved. 

Dogs rescued from hoardersDogs rescued from hoarders

NBS Animal Rescue received a serious call from Warren Animal Control. It was about a hoarding situation that involved a group of Poodle mixes that were living in terrible conditions. The house was a mess, and the poor dogs were ill, starving, matted, and emaciated. It stunk of urine and feces, and there were cockroaches, fleas, and flies all over the place.

On top of everything, the poor dogs had been left alone for two weeks without food and water. It was the most heartbreaking sight the organization had ever seen.

Dog hoarding situationDog hoarding situation

Rescuing the Dogs

Luckily, NBS was able to rescue twelve dogs from the home. The house was so cluttered that it was difficult to locate all the pups. Therefore, they had to set up traps to lure the dogs out of their hiding places. These dogs were rushed to the emergency vet for immediate care. Four of the dogs were in such critical condition that they had to stay at the emergency vet for four days.

Skinny dogSkinny dog

It cost over $3,000 to save these dogs, but thankfully, all twelve pups survived. NBS gladly took them into their care. They provided all their basic needs and gave them lots of love.

Before long, all the dogs were happy, healthy, and clean. Once the dogs were spayed or neutered, they quickly started finding forever families. If you saw them today, you wouldn’t even know they’re the same dogs! These amazing transformations are all thanks to GreaterGood’s Rescue Bank.

Two Rescued DogsTwo Rescued Dogs

“Rescue Bank allows us to put money that would normally be spent on food toward critical and emergency care,” said NBS. “We take in many dogs that have health issues and/or are seniors that require more than basic shots and getting fixed. We could not provide that extra care if it were not for the help from our partners.”

Thanks to purchases from the iHeartDogs store, dogs like these twelve neglected pups get to see what true love is like. iHeartDogs sells a wide variety of products for both you and your furry friend. Every purchase can make a difference for a dog, so thank you to all the kind heroes that have purchased iHeartDogs products!

Neglected Dog AdoptedNeglected Dog Adopted

Images from NBS Animal Rescue

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