9 Safe Dog-Friendly Adventures For When You’re Quarantine-Crazy

Months later, sheltering in place has left us all a bit stir crazy – our dogs included. We’re itching to get out and do things outside of our own homes. Of course, no one wants to leave their dog behind either.

Despite the fact that many indoor places don’t welcome dogs, there are still plenty of fun things you can do to maintain your sanity and entertain your dog these days. If you have a Leash Lock, your range of safe and do-able adventures is even wider. Here are just a few suggestions of dog-friendly activities:

Visit A Dog-Friendly Winery Or Brewery

Many of these establishments allow dogs on their tours or in their outdoor areas! Even if they can’t partake in the libations, your dog will still enjoy sitting watch nearby.

Hit The Beach

Many dogs enjoy a beach day just as much as we do (if not more.) Odds are the pup will love splashing around and just generally being where you are.

Bring some extra water in your cooler for your dog on especially hot days. You can also keep them safely in your sights by Leash Lock-ing them to your cooler, umbrella, or chair.

Go Camping


They usually sleep on floors, so your dog will enjoy sleeping in a tent as long as they’re with you. Locate a nearby campground and look into their pet policy.

Make sure you bring a secure leash or a reflective vest to avoid your dog fleeing into wilderness. You should also check your dog for ticks if you visit areas where they’re present.

Barbecue In The Backyard


The pup will probably be too transfixed by the smell of meat to try to wander. Just make sure to keep an eye on them or they’ll strike the moment you aren’t looking.

Hike a National Park

Most National Parks have dog-friendly trails, usually requiring your pup to be on leash. Make sure to be prepared either way with portable food and water.

A hands-free Leash Lock will let you focus more on the views and less on what mischief your dog’s getting up to on walks.

Grab Lunch Outside

No reason to leave that sad face behind just because you’re hungry. Find a dog-friendly patio! Use BringFido or Yelp to narrow down your search. Some places even offer treats for their canine guests.

Travel Safely!

Since you don’t have to go through security, traveling via bus might be a bit easier than by plane. Plus, the windows can stay down (which we know our dogs love too.) If you must go by plane, contact the airline to find out what their animal travel policies are. Some allow dogs in their main cabins.

A Leash Lock will let you avoid the whole “leash between the legs” thing. You can attach your dog’s leash to luggage or arm rests.

Rent A Boat Or Kayak


Pups love a good breeze, and there’s nothing like one that comes off water. Look into life vests designed specifically for dogs if your pup isn’t a strong swimmer.

Explore A Different Neighborhood

If the walk around your own neighborhood is getting boring, load your dog into the car and drive to a new one. You can enjoy walking around a new place and your dog will love some new sniffs (and places to pee.)

How Leash Lock Makes Taking Your Dog Anywhere Easier

Most leashes tie up (pardon the pun) your hands and none simply clip on to something else. Leash Lock is the World’s First Clipping Retractable Leash. Their patented locking technology is guaranteed to keep your pets safe and within reach, wherever you are.

Leash Lock extends to 16 feet and can hold up to 110 pounds. Visit the Leash Lock website to find products or get more information.

Giving Back When You Shop

You probably know that giving back is a pretty big thing for us here at iHeartDogs.com. For this reason, you can feel good about buying Leash Lock too.

A portion of all Leash Lock proceeds are deployed to rescue and shelter organizations to support those in need of care or to find a home forever. Leash Lock partnered with the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando to provide their leashes at an affordable cost for anyone who adopts a dog from the shelter.

Leash Lock also donates to non-profits whose mission lies with providing U.S. Veterans with service dogs.

The sooner you get one of these, the sooner you and your pup can get out of your house together.

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