Dog Runs For 6 Miles To Congratulate His Mom On Her Wedding Day

Weddings are the most important day in many people’s lives. Yet, they’re not quite as special if all your close family can’t be there to celebrate with you. And yes, that should include your four-legged family members!

For one wedding in China, a poor dog was worried he would be left out of the excitement. So when his mom’s wedding convoy drove off, he couldn’t help but chase after her. He had to at least congratulate his mom on her big day, and he refused to give up.

Bride walking with dogBride walking with dog
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Don’t Leave Your Furry Friends Behind!

The bride, Fu Xi, planned to bring her pup named Fugui in the vehicle with her during her wedding convoy, but for unknown reasons, that didn’t happen. So, poor Fugui had no idea why his mom was driving away without him! Ms. Fu and Fugui have been best friends for two years now, so the pup was determined to be there for every important moment in her life.

Footage posted on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, shows Fugui first waiting for Ms. Fu at the village entrance. When her car drives away during the procession, he quickly runs beside it. The car continues and he keeps running without stopping. At one point, Ms. Fu’s parents open their door to let Fugui into their car, but he politely declines their offer and keeps running after his mom.

Dog Chasing Wedding ConvoyDog Chasing Wedding Convoy
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The convoy doesn’t stop until it reaches the groom’s house. It’s about 20 minutes and over 6 miles away. Yet, Fugui ran the entire time with no complaints. He didn’t seem to get tired until the very end. Finally, he reaches his mom to formerly congratulate her on her marriage.

One Proud Pup

While the adventure must’ve been tiring for poor Fugui, he seems proud of his efforts. A follow-up video showed him spending time with his mom the day after the wedding. He stayed at her parent’s house on the wedding day, and he was eager to finally see her again.

In the second video, Ms. Fu pets Fugui and plays with him. The pup seems to have already gained his energy back, as he is ecstatic to be with her. She kindly asks him why he didn’t stay when she told him to, and then they continue to play and have fun together.

Bride petting dogBride petting dog
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Many viewers fell in love with the video of Fugui running in the wedding convoy. They were moved by his love and dedication for his human. A few other commenters weren’t quite as impressed though. They couldn’t help but wonder why the bride and groom didn’t attempt to let the dog in the car. Although, there’s a lot of information the couple didn’t share, so it’s possible that Ms. Fu has a good reason.

Dogs are important family members through every stage of your life. So, it’s important not to leave them behind when big events like weddings occur. Even though Fugui didn’t get to ride in the car doesn’t mean he’s left out. He’ll always be a beloved family member to Ms. Fu and her new husband.

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