Dedicated Rescuer Spends 15 Months Earning Abandoned Mama Dog’s Trust

A Pit Bull named Mama was abandoned in the moment she needed someone most. After just giving birth to a litter of healthy puppies, her cruel owners no longer found use for her. They made the despicable decision to not only separate her from her babies, but drive her out of town in an effort to make her disappear forever.

Mama was left at a gas station in the outskirts of California, and quickly dumped without a care. After aimlessly walking for five miles in hopes of finding her babies, she finally accepted her reality.

mama rescuemama rescue
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Mama found comfort in a quiet orchard sleeping under the warm solar panels. She survived on scraps that travelers left behind, and the feeding efforts of those who noticed her presence.

Mama was terrified of humans due to her dark past, and would bolt the moment anyone attempted to come near her. Her tragic story began to spread, and finally fell on the radar of an avid animal rescuer named Danny.

A long-time member of the SafeFurr Place Animal Rescue, Danny knew he had the skills needed to rescue the heartbroken pup. He immediately got to work on what would be his hardest rescue task yet: gaining Mama’s trust.

mama rescuemama rescue

Danny first began by coming to the orchard every day to offer Mama some food. The terrified pup would never come to greet him, but would eat the food once he left. After doing this for a few weeks, Danny created a shelter and feeding station using a mattress and box spring.

Mama began waiting near her feeding station at the same time every day, eagerly watching Danny from a safe distance. She soon came to associate Danny with food, giving him an extra edge in gaining her trust.

mama rescuemama rescue

As months went by, Danny was able to get closer and closer to Mama while she ate. He soon began leaving trails of treats for Mama, causing her to trail behind him as he walked along the orchard. This massive step allowed Danny to lure her into a safer area free of orchard workers, where he could focus on her eventual capture.

As more time went by, Mama began to see Danny as more than just a food deliverer. He became a friend, and she would eagerly greet him each time he arrived. Mama would jump from side to side with excitement as he pulled up, ready to spend time with her favorite pal.

Even though Mama was finally accepting Danny’s friendship, she was not yet ready to let him touch her. Every attempt to put a leash around her neck caused her to bolt, potentially causing a huge step back in their progress. Danny knew it was time to come up with a new plan.

mama rescuemama rescue

With the help of the team at a SafeFurr Place, he was able to install a large trap on the property. Fellow animal rescuers helped lure her into the cage and the frightened Pit Bull was finally captured.

It took Danny 15 months to bring Mama home. He decided that failure was not an option in his plan to rescue her, and followed through on that promise no matter what stood in his way.

Watch Mama’s beautiful rescue journey below.

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We are so thankful for the team at SafeFurr Place Animal Rescue, and for Danny’s refusal to give up on this incredible pup. If you would like to keep up with Mama’s journey, you can follow her updates here.

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Image Source: ASafeFurrPlace/Insta

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