Dog Training

The Owner No One Believed Could Be Helped…

Follow me on instagram @ 5th dog training session with an “out of control” 2 year old Doberman and his inexperienced owner. This owner needs a lot of training.. And it’s in the Dog Daddy’s […]

Dog Care Tips

How to Leave a Puppy Home Alone!

How to Leave a Puppy Home Alone! – While the world starts getting back to normal and coming out of lockdown, you might be getting increasingly more stressed as a dog owner, wondering how you’re […]

Dog Training

German shepherd Aggression Control Series- 3rd Day Training : Add Treating Closely (Hindi)

How to Control any aggressive dog Day 3rd: Dog Training other series on Gsd (links below): German shepherd training DAY 1- German shepherd training DAY2- German shepherd training DAY3- German shepherd training […]