Dog rescue on the California, Arizona and Nevada border – stressful, but successful! ❤️👍

Dog rescue on the California, Arizona and Nevada border - stressful, but successful! ❤️👍

This rescue was a tough one – the two dogs, Phryne and Essie were abandoned in the desert, and they never had much human contact. Luckily for them, Zach and Katherine who adopted Arya from this video: spotted them and established a relationship with them over many weeks. The dogs didn’t really have much of a choice… they became completely dependent on them for food, and yet, they always kept their distance and wouldn’t allow them to touch them.

This rescue may seem harsh to some, but it’s important to understand that the alternative was to live life alone in the desert, exposed to the elements, hunger, predators, disease, and for us, that’s not OK – they deserved better!

Some people may ask "why wouldn’t you just use a trap which is less stressful?". There are a few answers to this. The first one will require you to imagine a situation where one dog walks into the trap, then sees the other one trapped, and then disappears forever! This is a terrible outcome and definitely not a desirable one.

Another question may be "why not set a trap once you had them enclosed?". There are a few reasons for that. Imagine a situation where both dogs walked into the same trap together (it did happen to me before). The initial stressful experience may have caused them to attack each other… you will see it almost happening when we try to bring them closer… aggressive redirection is a serious risk.

Also, imagine a situation where one gets trapped, the other one freaks out, and manages to get away from the property (like a worker showing up, not knowing what’s happening, and opening the gate – enabling the dog to escape). Another option is for the dog to jump or dig her way out… there are too many unpredictable factors here and I had to figure out how to do it so we will have both dogs.

Katie and JoAnn did an amazing job during this extremely stressful situation… I really couldn’t have asked for a better team by my side – these are situations you can’t train for… every moment is unpredictable. I don’t know too many rescues out there who would drive 600 miles to save two dogs out in the desert, get them to the hospital, and then get them to an amazing foster home. I am so happy it was done so well and without anyone taking a bite 🙂

Of course, we couldn’t have accomplished this rescue without Zach and Katherine… they helped us execute the mission perfectly and I am so happy it all worked out.

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Our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue have been working with Essie and Phryne and they made incredible progress! The dogs are happy to be together, they love running and playing in the snow and inside their foster home!

If you would like to adopt them, please contact them directly:

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Thank you so much!


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