Stop Counter Surfing – Dog Training Games

Stop Counter Surfing - Dog Training Games

This video goes over exercises for teaching your dog to not take food from tables or counters or any situation you want to train such as supermarket shelves if you have a service dog. This behavior is called a default behavior with a situational cue because the goal is to train the dog that the food on the counters is the cue to leave it, so you don’t have to be around to tell the dog leave it in the future.

In between training the food on tables needs to be cleaned away so the dog doesn’t rehearse the undesirable behavior of taking the food from the table. Some dogs are easier to train this than others and it is much easier to work on if the dog doesn’t already have a history of taking food off tables and counters so I suggest working on this with your new puppy or adult dog BEFORE the issue occurs and before you leave your dog to roam the house unattended when food is on the counters.

Here is a link to the video on how to begin teaching a leave it which goes into more careful detail about beginning to train this exercise:

Here is a video on how to train the calm settle which you can use to teach dogs to relax around your house when you eat food at the table or have food at the table for long periods of time like when you are having a party:

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