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Dog Lick Attacks Cat #shorts

Cat makes weird noises when dog licks him. Does he like it or is he just freaked out? Decide for yourself, come watch this hilariously cute clip. Subscribe to Funny Pet Videos: Welcome to […]

Dog Training

How to Introduce Two Dogs Safely

Introducing two dogs is not always as easy as it seems. The important thing is that the meting be overwhelmingly positive. A negative experience, especially for a puppy, can have life-long implications. I take introducing […]

Dog Training

German Shepherd Training Day 7 : How to train your dog “NO” ||Basic obedience in Hindi (Jack & Jill)

How to train your dog NO Command: Dog training other series on Gsd (links below): German shepherd training DAY 1- German shepherd training DAY2- German shepherd training DAY3- German shepherd training DAY4- […]