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Beagle Vs Basset Hound: What Are The Variations?

Occupied with getting a brand new pet and questioning which breed it’s best to undertake? In the event you’ve narrowed your decisions all the way down to a beagle vs basset hound, chances are you’ll be questioning which pet is finest for you. Learn on to find a head-to-head comparability of those two equally charming canine breeds.

Beagle Vs Basset Hound: Overview For Canine House owners

beagle | Ultimate Pet NutritionBeagle

Due to their compact measurement, straightforward grooming necessities, and comfortable nature, Beagles are one of the well-liked pet breeds for households. In response to the United Kennel Membership, they’ve been a “high ten” pet breed in America for over 30 years.1

Beagles had been initially bred to hunt rabbits, and they’re nonetheless happiest after they get to observe their nostril. For that reason, they’re typically referred to as scent hounds. Beagles are happiest after they get to be round their pack (i.e. you and your loved ones).2

Basset Hound

basset hound | Ultimate Pet NutritionThe basset hound’s brief legs, floppy ears, and mournful eyes have touched the hearts of many. This medium-sized canine is likely one of the most recognizable and beloved breeds in America. Their mixture of stubbornness and silliness can typically make it onerous for pet homeowners to know whether or not to snicker or to cry. However their clown-like antics are all a part of their allure.

Like beagles, basset hounds had been bred to be searching canine. Their long-ago previous can cause them to observe their nostril and wander freely if unconfined. However extra typically, this breed will likely be discovered as near its household as doable. They’re deeply hooked up to their people and will howl loudly if left outside unattended.3

Beagle Vs Basset Hound: Bodily Variations


  • 13-15 inches tall
  • 20-25 kilos
  • Hound-like look in a compact physique
  • Frequent coat coloration: white, tan, and black4

Basset Hound

  • As much as 15 inches tall
  • 40-65 kilos, bassets have a heavy bone construction
  • Distinctive droopy eyes, lengthy again, brief legs, and floppy ears
  • Frequent coat coloration: white, tan, and black5

Beagle Vs Basset Hound: Temperament

Beagle Temperament

Beagle canine are candy, light, and foolish. They prefer to have enjoyable. They’ll often be mischievous if not skilled correctly. Keep in mind, beagles are searching canine that had been bred to catch a scent and run lengthy distances. They do finest in a household dwelling if they’re given a objective and ample coaching.6

Basset Hound Temperament

Basset hounds are charming, affected person, and low-key. They are typically extra docile and subdued than beagles. They’re usually good with younger kids and have a tendency to tolerate issues like pulling of the ears or undesirable consideration. The basset hound likes to be a part of a pack and dislikes being left alone for lengthy durations of time.7

All canine, together with basset hounds and beagles, profit from early socialization. Exposing your pet to completely different individuals, locations, sights, and sounds might assist curb anxiousness or habits points in a while in life.

basset hound howling | Ultimate Pet NutritionBeagle Vs Basset Hound: Noise

One other similarity of those two breeds is their tendency to howl or “bay” when left outdoors alone. This can be a trait shared by many canine within the hound group. This distinctive sound can have neighbors complaining very quickly. Each breeds shouldn’t be left outdoors unsupervised.8

Beagle Vs Basset Hound: Intelligence And Trainability

Beagles and basset hounds can each be cussed and difficult to coach. Some pet homeowners report that housetraining is especially tough for each breeds. Utilizing a kennel (or crate) is really useful to assist with potty coaching.

Whereas each breeds could be cussed, they’re fortunately fairly meals motivated. If supplied a deal with, they’re comfortable to do something. Constructive reinforcement coaching may go finest for each breeds. Basset hounds could be emotionally delicate and can shut down if handled roughly. Beagles additionally tend to change off if handled harshly.9,10

Beagle Vs Basset Hound: Care

The Splendid Atmosphere

A fenced-in yard is critical for scent hounds comparable to beagles and basset hounds. Once more, each of those breeds prefer to observe their nostril and tend to disregard your name to “come” in the event that they don’t really feel prefer it. When outdoors in an unconfined space, each breeds ought to be on a leash. They prefer to wander.

Lengthy walks with loads of alternatives for sniffing will please the instincts of each breeds.

Beagles usually tend to wander away than basset hounds. Beagles are stuffed with power – particularly of their pet stage. Basset hounds could be homebodies and like the corporate of their household. Each breeds ought to primarily dwell indoors with their people.

The Menace Of Weight problems

Some basset hounds can turn out to be sofa potatoes in case you allow them to. As cute because it sounds, this ought to be discouraged, as it could possibly result in weight problems and well being issues. Beagles who don’t get sufficient train can also turn out to be overweight.11,12

A Nice Love Of Meals

Each breeds dwell for meals, which turns out to be useful for coaching. Sadly, this additionally signifies that they might steal tidbits of meals out of your plate or counter tops in case you aren’t wanting. If inspired, bassets particularly can also turn out to be persistent beggars. Diligent coaching and management of the atmosphere might assist with these potential habits points.13

Beagle Vs Basset Hound: Train Necessities

pack of beagles | Ultimate Pet NutritionBeagles had been bred to hunt in packs over lengthy distances. True to their roots, they’re energetic and sociable canine. Beagles want a each day stroll of 20-40 minutes or extra. Along with each day walks, beagles thrive on being social and enjoying with different canine.14

Basset hounds have average train wants of 30-60 minutes a day. A each day stroll of 20-Half-hour is really useful. Due to their lengthy backs and brief legs, bassets aren’t appropriate jogging or operating companions. You must also keep away from operating up or downstairs along with your basset. Strive enjoying fetch, tug of conflict, or digging video games.15

Each of those breeds can turn out to be bored, damaging, noisy, or overweight if not given a correct quantity of train. Canine weight problems can pressure the hip and joints and trigger different well being issues. To maintain any canine wholesome, ensure you assist them get sufficient train.16,17

Beagle Vs Basset Hound: Grooming Necessities


  • Brushing 2-3 occasions every week
  • Seasonal shedding
  • Occasional bathing. Their coat tends to dry out and they’re usually clear canine, so don’t overdo it.

Beagles have easy, dense double coats that are likely to develop thick within the winter and shed within the spring. Beagles shed reasonably year-round. Common brushing will assist take away free hair and promote new hair progress. Beagles don’t must be bathed too typically, until they start to scent or get notably soiled.18,19

Basset Hound

  • Brushing 3-5 occasions every week
  • Heavy shedding
  • Common bathing. Their coat has a definite scent chances are you’ll need to preserve below management.

Basset hounds have an oily, brief coat that requires each day care due to how a lot it sheds. If doable, brush each day with a rubber brush to take away useless hair. On the very least, attempt to brush your canine 3-5 occasions every week. Their coats are likely to have a “hound” odor that some individuals get pleasure from and a few dislike. To maintain it in management, bathe them weekly or bi-weekly.20

Which Breed Is Proper For You?

Nonetheless on the fence? Can’t determine in case you ought to get a beagle or basset hound (and even an English cocker spaniel, springer spaniel, or another breed)? Selecting one over the opposite will rely by yourself circumstances and preferences. There is no such thing as a breed that’s “higher” than one other.

Right here’s a abstract of issues which will assist you:

beagle | Ultimate Pet NutritionGet A Beagle If….

  • You need an lively, energetic canine and you’ve got a fenced-in yard.
  • You get pleasure from out of doors actions and also you’re searching for a canine to affix you.
  • You’re searching for a canine with straightforward grooming necessities.

basset hound | Ultimate Pet NutritionGet A Basset Hound If….

  • You reside in an residence with restricted house and no stairs.
  • You favor snuggling indoors and also you’re okay with a less-active canine.
  • You don’t thoughts giving your pet common brushing and baths.

If you’re lifelike in regards to the atmosphere and the quantity of train you may present, you may’t go incorrect with both breed. If doable, keep away from pet mills and hunt down respected canine rescues or accountable breeders in your space.

Keep in mind, nice canine aren’t simply born, they’re made. In the event you select to undertake a canine, be ready to dedicate time to provide it the eye, coaching, and love that it must thrive.

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