Dog News

Dog News

Meet Bear

Bear has provided his person so much emotional support. He brightens her days! Bear is the sweetest little man and he is absolutely loved. Tags:  smiling dogs

Dog News

Meet Kura

Kura loves being outdoors, taking road trips, and trekking along rivers. She loves having people come over to visit, mainly because she thinks she will get more treats! Tags:  smiling dogs

Dog News

Meet Barkley

Barkley loves playing ball, going to doggie daycare to play with his buddies, looking at the moon and anyone who gives him attention. Tags:  smiling dogs

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12 Misconceptions About Service Dogs and Those Who Use Them

Today, as dogs are being trained to assist with an increasingly wide range of conditions, more individuals are incorporating a four-legged helper into their lives. That said, there are still many misconceptions surrounding service dogs, [...]

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