November 15, 2019

Dog News

Dog News

Holiday Gift Picks for Dog Lovers

2019 Shopping for holiday gifts for your dog loving friends and their pets? Surprise them with these wonderful gifts and dog-themed stocking stuffers! Dog Play Pack If dogs made gift lists, this five-piece set would appear at the top. […]

Dog News

Do Dogs See in Black and White?

Do Dogs See in Black and White? – Leah and Milo are back with a very interesting topic, one which is argued and researched endlessly, there is so much information we just don’t know where […]

Dog News

Dog Is Love

Susan Tasaki By Clive D. L. Wynne Think of the word “dog” and the word “love” comes to mind almost immediately. For most Bark readers, it’s probably fair to say they’re synonymous … in fact, […]

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William Wegman on His Photography

Cameron Woo By William Wegman Artist William Wegman’s arresting photographs and videos of Weimaraners have graced museums, books and Sesame Street for nearly four decades. His book, William Wegman: Being Human (Chronicle Books), features rarely [...]

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