Dog News

Dog News

Sweet Potato Salesdog

A popular Japanese street-food stand is “manned” by a dog. Sapporo, on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, is best known for beer, skiing and its annual snow festival. Thanks to the Twitterverse, Ken, a perky, […]

Dog News

Meet Mickey

Mickey is a good natured and amusing dog. He’s looking for a home and promises to be loyal to his family and has a lot of love to give! Tags:  smiling dogs

Dog News

Meet Peso

Peso is a funny little guy who will howl to get attention. He spends his time grooming his stuffies, lounging in the sun and hanging out with his folks. He is the best dog anyone could […]

Dog News

The Young Lieutenant’s Dog

The Untold Story of a WWII Canine Hero Dunkirk, site of the 1940 heroic all-hands-on-deck evacuation of troops forced into the sea by an advancing German army, was the subject of the 2017 Christopher Nolan […]

Dog News

Book Review: Good Karma

A Novel Patricia Lutwack-Bloom By Christina Kelly (Harper Paperbacks) Sometimes, a book cover is so entrancing that we buy the book just for that. It doesn’t happen often, but it does occur now and then. […]

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