Dog News

Dog News

Meet Banjo

Banjo and I have been through cancer, divorce, and a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. He has been by my side through thick and thin. He is my best confidante and best buddy. Tags:  smiling dogs

Dog News

Meet Lucy

Lucy is the best dog in the world. She loves children, other dogs, cats and her personality is pure love. She’ll kiss you and make you feel better whenever needed. Tags:  smiling dogs

Dog News

Meet Sadie

Sadie loves anything that involves water, she’s half dog/ half fish. Sadie does Dock Diving competitions all along the East Coast and has ranked number 3! Tags:  smiling dogs

Dog News


Poem The rescue people guess he’s a mix of feist and mountain cur, a common stray in this area. That first night, before we thought to move his crate to our bedroom so he could sense […]

Dog News

The Young Lieutenant’s Dog

The Untold Story of a WWII Canine Hero Dunkirk, site of the 1940 heroic all-hands-on-deck evacuation of troops forced into the sea by an advancing German army, was the subject of the 2017 Christopher Nolan […]

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